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Pharping Food Bank and PPE handover

Friends for Nepal have been playing a vital role for the development in and around Pharping for many years. Especially, when it comes to the calamities, which are either natural or otherwise, DMS management, have been the frontrunners to offer the help needed. Working with dedicated volunteers and collaborating with other organizations to achieve a common goal, Friends for Nepal has helped people in need throughout Pharping, Lamagaon, Dandikhel, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur and many other places since nearly two decades.
Currently, the number of coronavirus cases is rising rapidly and the government is practicing strict lockdown measures. The general lifestyle is completely disrupted while many people relied on daily work to bring in food and everyday needs. Since the lockdown many people are deprived of work and are struggling.
Thankfully, an organization named “Pharping Food Bank” in Pharping is accessing and distributing food and other necessary items to the needy. The food bank was created by a group of enthusiastic young people who reaching out for the actual victims of the pandemic who are neglected by the government. Manisha Basnet, principal of DMS is also the part of the team for the Food distribution plan and a representative for “Friends For Nepal”. Pharping food bank is currently operating in nine different ward within the Municipality to reach such people who are out of work due to lockdown and do not have any option to feed their family. They have already supplied basic food to more than 30 families and more counting each day.

To support the cause, on the behalf of Friends for Nepal, Himalayan Development Aid, Himalayan Joy Force has donated 4 sets of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to Pharping Food Bank as their work involves getting in contact with people in different places. The NGO management is happy to help in these times of hardship and also deeply appreciates the humane effort by Pharping Food Bank and the people involved.

PPE donation to the Municipality

Similarly, DMS have also donated 25 sets of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and 25 sets of masks to the Dakshinkali Municipality. With the increase in new cases, the tests have also increased and everyday there are record number of tests done. With the limited amount of test kits and PPEs the municipality was struggling to keep up with the number of tests but now with the new kits coming in, the tests should run smoothly for some time to come.
Friends for Nepal will continue to support people and organizations to help overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic and hopefully all hardships will soon come to an end.

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