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Ein Bericht von Camillia (englisch)

Hi Tom,

I hope all is well with you.

I am enjoying Dolphin Magic School.

As promised, please find below a weekly report of my volunteering experience from the 3rd to the 8th of June.

After speaking with Dayan and creating some goals and a structure, we came up with the following areas to focus on.

  1. Teamwork. To promote this to the teachers as students.
  2. Empathy. To encourage teachers and children to express this more, considering the background of the children.
  3. Awareness: From a holistic perspective. Example, awareness of self and environment.

Dayan and myself decided that I would teach the teachers on the above key points and hold a teacher training meeting for 1-2 hours every Friday after school.


Day 1: 

I observed classrooms, teacher student interactions and how the teachers taught. Observed each teachers teach styles.

All of the teachers showed to have a positive and loving relationship with their teachers. Most of the teachers are interactive with their teaching methods. The teachers mostly have a good foundation of teaching children in an interactive way which promotes enjoyable learning. Teachers could use additional techniques to stimulate additional learning. Teachers could benefit from using multiple ways to teach. For example - if teaching children about plants, crystal earth has countless plants and children could be shown around the property. Dayan has agreed to this idea also. Teachers would benefit from using creative methods of teaching and thinking outside the box. Overall, great positives and the environment is a stimulating and great school for the children.

Introduced some new exercises for morning assembly. 'If I was a mountain, how high would i be, Children would then reach up to the sky.

Day 2. 

Additional classroom observation. Children continued to use my exercises I previously introduced the day before which was great to see.

Day 3. 

1st Teacher Training Session. 

Introduced my role and key points I will be attempting to promote 1. teamwork, 2.Empathy, 3. Awareness.
Stimulated discussion by asking teachers:

Q. Thoughts on Teaching.
Q. Positives about themselves as a teacher and areas they could improve.
Q. What liked about DMS.

Teachers responses:

Q: What is teaching to you.

A. Guidance, natural learning, positive influence, passion, learning and teaching, exploring potential, holistic learning, development of ideas and developmental learning stages, wanting to promote creativity, empowerment, role model.

Q. Areas the teachers would like to improve on.

A. Better understanding of psychology, awareness and better understanding of the children in how they learn, like to learn and how they are coping considering what they have been through as a child. Better understanding of what the children want from the teachers and how the teachers can meet the needs of the children. More sensory and practical method of teaching, to promote independent learning, alternative teaching techniques that make it easy for children to learn, would like to make the children more creative, would like the children to express their feelings more, want to get to know the children more on a personal level and understand them more.

My feedback:

Wanting to child to freely express and be more creative is not done by expecting the child to just do this. For the child to understand the teachers need to show creativity and expression of feelings themselves. 

I will also be visiting the classes and doing small demonstrations of some techniques that will promote the 3 areas of focus plus demonstrating alternative teaching techniques.

Day 4.

Visited nursery. Demonstrated techniques such as. Teamwork learning of English language (colour, names, describing things), empathy (how to hold a baby doll and how to be careful and show compassion).

Art. Took Sumans class for an afternoon art session. Class involved painting on the topic that the children had been learning 'plants'. Children were asked to paint their ideas of 'plants'. Worked with Suman and he promoted ideas about plants with reminding what they learnt over their previous classes. Children enjoyed this and painted trees, fruits, people and animals (to show we need plants to live because of the air it produces). After children were done, they stood up infront of the class with Suman and showed their work to the class. Children explained their paintings to the class and the children praised eachother.

Teachers also participated in painting afterwards which was great! Everyone seems very enthusiastic about art work.

I hope the above information is sufficient, I was not sure how detailed you wanted me to be. Please just ask if you want additional information.

I will send you another report in a weeks times as well as pictures. 

All the best,

I look forward to hearing from you.


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