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Lockdown home visit program

Dolphin Magic School hasn’t resumed to normal yet and the nationwide lockdown hasn’t eased at all due to coronavirus. As of June 19, the coronavirus cases have crossed more than 8700. And there is no sign for the school to reopen anytime soon.

 DMS has been putting all efforts necessary to keep the children engaged in studies even while they are at home. The School administration has provided all necessary study materials such as textbooks, copies, pencils, etc.  Self-study is encouraged for the time being as the current situation in Nepal hasn’t allowed for any school to resume normal schooling. Homework is being delivered to students twice a week by their respective class teachers. Any corrections needed with the assignments was discussed in the next meet with the students.

 There are more than 120 students studying in DMS who live in and around Lamagaon. Most students were reachable but not all. Some students were living in Lamagaon at their relatives for studies. They went back home on holidays at the end of last academic session in April. Unfortunately, they couldn’t come back due to the ongoing crisis.

However, the local municipality has recently advised against any social contact of that sort and the assignment distribution on June 17 is the last one for now. Instead the government will soon telecast visual classes on regular TV channels for all grades.  As per the instruction, the parents of all students are informed via telephone call to make sure their children are watching their respective classes in a regular basis.

Nepal is already practicing online teaching for high school and university lectures for a while now. Therefore, until the danger of coronavirus passes, students all around the country have to adapt with the new learning ways.

Please your eyes with the pictures gallery of our beloved children.

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